Community Health

Community Health

Cancer Support

The following information and services are available to support you or family members dealing with cancer:

Kent & Medway Prehab – is a trail-blazing Pre-habilitation programme that helps cancer patients prepare for treatment using a multidimensional telehealth intervention. Click here to visit their website for further details.

The Harmony Therapy Trust – provide free supportive therapy for seriously ill patients across Kent. Click here to visit their website for more information. 

Cancer awareness – Cancer awareness days, weeks and months are important in helping us to spread awareness and show support for people living with cancer. Learn more about the different types and symptoms of cancer to look out for, as well as how you can get involved in supporting the lives of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Click here to visit their website for further information. 

Domestic Abuse

This is a crime and it can affect anyone. During this COVID-19 panic, limited contact with the outside world may make you or someone you know feel unsafe but their are specialist teams still here to help 24/7, in the same way they always have:

Kent Police – will respond to your call and can arrest anyone committing offences against you. In an emergency dial 999 or 101 for non-emergencies. You can also speak to someone online at here.

National Domestic Abuse Helpline – You can call them, for free and in confidence, 24-hours a day on 0808 2000 247 or visit their website here where you will be able to access live chat and other services for deaf people.  

Domestic Abuse Support Services website – a resource covering Kent and Medway providing advice and information on services available for victims, friends & family, and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse. To visit the website click here.

Victim Support – If you need help after crime visit the Victim Support website here. They provide Independent, Free and Confidential support. Fill in their online form and someone from your local victim care team will contact you within three working days (Mon to Fri). If you want to speak to someone immediately, call their free 24/7 Support line – 08 08 16 89 111 or start a live chat

Galop – they support LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse and violence. Visit their website here or call their LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0800 999 5428.

Childline – Get help and advice about a wide range of issues, call them on 0800 1111, talk to a counsellor online, send them an email or post on the message boards. See their website here for further details.

Ask for ANI – The Home Office has launched a domestic abuse codeword scheme in thousands of pharmacies across the UK. The Ask for ANI codeword scheme allows those at risk or suffering from domestic abuse to discreetly signal to pharmacy staff that they need help accessing support. A trained pharmacy worker will offer a private space where they can understand if the victim needs to speak to the police or would like help to access support services, such as a national or local domestic abuse helpline.

Kent Community Domestic Abuse Programme Especially for Men – this is a rolling programme of evening sessions. Based on the Duluth Programme, it is designed to help men who feel their behaviour towards their partner has been, or is still, abusive. CDAP challenges that behaviour and shows you how it affects your partner or ex-partner and any children that may be involved. We know it can be tough facing up to difficult problems. This programme will support you to make the changes you need to develop respectful, non-abusive relationships so that you are safe around your partner and any children. Visit their website here for further information.

Enough – A new website available by clicking here provides more information on the steps people can take to safely challenge violence against women and girls, guidance for victims of these crimes and advice for perpetrators who recognise their behaviour needs to change.

Healthwatch Medway<br><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”></a>

Healthwatch Medway – They are your local health and social care champion. If you use GPs and hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, care homes or other support services in your area, they want to hear about your experiences. They are independent and have the power to make sure NHS leaders and other decision makers listen to local feedback and improve standards of care. They can also help you to find reliable and trustworthy information and advice. Last year, the Healthwatch network helped nearly a million people like you to have your say and get the support you need. Visit their website here.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The following services are available to support you if you are feeling anxious or stressed, feel tasks are overwhelming and impossible or need help now: 

Urgent mental health support, advice and guidance for Kent and Medway residents

Over 18: Phone the 24-hour helpline on 0800 783 9111

Under 18: Phone the 24-hour Single Point of Access on 0800 011 3474 (select option one, then option three)

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters has resources to help you cope with both stress and anxiety . You can build Your Mind Plan by answering five questions.

NHS Audio Guides

A series of mental wellbeing NHS audio guides to help you boost your mood. 

Reading Well – mental health

Reading Well for mental health provides helpful information and support for managing common mental health conditions or dealing with difficult feelings and experiences. More information is available on Medway Council or Kent County Council websites.

Live Well Kent

Live Well Kent offers support with keeping active and healthy and everyday living.

NHS Talking Therapies

If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, NHS talking are a free, effective and confidential way to treat common mental health issues. 

We Listen has an interactive map, which shows NHS talking therapies in different parts of Kent and Medway.

You can refer yourself to NHS talking therapies by contacting the services available in your area as shown on the map or via NHS Talking Therapies. Alternatively, you can ask your GP to refer you.

Kent and Medway Safe Havens

Safe Havens offer face-to-face mental health support for those living in Kent and Medway and offer an open-door policy for anyone needing help who is known, or not known to mental health services. Find out more on the Safe Havens page.

KMPT Recovery and Wellbeing College

KMPT Recovery and Wellbeing College offers educational courses to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in shared learning environments. Everyone welcome.

Better Health Mind Plan

Better Health Every Mind Matters has launched a campaign to support the nation’s mental wellbeing. At the heart of the campaign is the free, NHS-approved Mind Plan.

By answering five questions online, adults will get a personalised mental health action plan with practical tips for helping deal with stress and anxiety, boost their mood, sleep better, and feel more in control.

Search Every Mind Matters website to see what works for you.

Release the Pressure

Text KENT or MEDWAY to 85258 or phone 0800 107 0160 for free confidential support at any time.

Free expert advice from trained counsellors is available for every mental health concern.

Visit Release the Pressure website


Email Jo at the Samaritans or phone 116 123. For more information visit the Samaritans website.



Phone 999 now if someone’s life is at risk, for example, they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose, or if you do not feel you can keep yourself or someone else safe.

Urgent but not an emergency

Use the NHS 111 online service, or phone 111.
You may be able to speak to a nurse, or mental health nurse, over the phone.

Children and young people

If you are looking for urgent mental health help for a child or young person, please phone the Single Point of Access (also referred to as SPA) on 0800 011 3474.


For residents of Kent and Medway who are not currently a patient with Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT), phone the free 24 hour helpline on 0800 783 9111 if you need urgent mental health support, advice and guidance or visit the NHS Kent and Medway website.

Safe havens

Safe Havens offer face-to-face mental health support. To find out more, visit the Safe Havens page

Kent & Medway ICS Website

Visit the Kent & Medway ICS Website mental wellbeing information hub for further information and advice. 

Parent & Carer Information<br><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”></a>

Born to Move App – Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust’s (KCHFT) health visiting team are promoting the new Born 2 Move (B2M) app to parents and carers. The B2M app supports parents and carers on the  journey from pregnancy all the way to their child starting school.

There are activities to keep children active, support their language skills and eyesight development and regular tips from local health visitors with ideas to try with your child at every stage.

Parents can add their child’s profile and record photos and milestones along the way to look back on, or to share with friends and family. Visit their website here for further information. 

Bump, Birth & Beyond – This website was developed by the Local Maternity System (LMS), with feedback from local women and families, and working closely with midwives, clinicians, health visitors, local Maternity Voices Partnership representatives and partner organisations. It follows recommendations from the Better Births national review which sets out a vision for safer, more personalised maternity services in England. Visit the Bump Birth & Beyond Website by clicking here.

Baby Buddy App –  The free interactive pregnancy and parenting app Baby Buddy has been created to support parents, co-parents and caregivers, and to back up frontline practitioners’ work and communication. Baby Buddy provides trusted, evidence-based information and self-care tools, based on the latest research and is NHS-approved.

For more information visit the Best Beginnings website here or download the app from Google Play or the App Store

Wellbeing Support

The following are services which are available to all patients in the PCN. If you feel you would benefit from them, please see the details below on how to access those services:

How are you quiz – Get a FREE personalised health score when you complete the 10 minute quiz. How Are You is for over 18s only and is only designed to point you in the right direction. It’s not a medical assessment – if you’re worried about your health you should speak to a health professional. Access the quiz by clicking here

Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan – If you’re overweight, losing weight has many health benefits. Making small, simple changes to what and how much you are eating and drinking can really help you lose the pounds. Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan to help you start healthier eating habits, be more active, and start losing weight. Visit the NHS better health website here for further information or download from the APP Store or Google Play

Download the free NHS Quit Smoking app – Stopping smoking is one of the best things you will ever do for your health. Use the NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier. If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good! Visit the NHS better health website here for further information or download from the APP Store or Google Play

Download the free Couch to 5K app – A running programme for absolute beginners. Couch to 5K has now helped more than 4 million people start running. Couch to 5K can be completed in as little as 9 weeks, or longer if you want to go at your own pace. Visit the NHS better health website here for further information or download from the APP Store or Google Play

Download the free Active 10 App – The Active 10 app records every minute of walking you do (anonymously). Just pop your phone in your pocket and away you go! Did you know walking briskly, even for 1 minute, counts as exercise? What are you waiting for – take your first steps today! Visit the NHS better health website here for further information or download from the APP Store or Google Play.

Download the free Drink Free Days App – Cutting back on the booze can be a really effective way to improve your health, boost your energy, lose weight and save money. One simple way to cut down is to have at least a few drink-free days every week, so choose yours and get practical support to stick with it. Visit the NHS better health website here for further information or download from the APP Store or Google Play.

IMAGO – Medway Wellbeing Navigation Service – This service offers free impartial information, advice and guidance to help people get the assistance they require.  They carry out holistic assessments with individuals, their families and carers, assisting them to find the right opportunities locally. What they do:  Link people with appropriate local services and organisations who can provide on going help such as: Befriending, Home Safety, Financial Support, Housing, Adaptations & Aids, Sensory Services, Domestic Support, Shopping, Domiciliary Care, Social Activities, Form Filling, Transport, Gardening, Handyperson Services and a Lifeline.

Imago Wellbeing Navigators work across Medway offering a personalised approach, enabling people to remain in their own homes, increasing their ability to take control and self-manage.  Help is offered through home visits, telephone on 0300 011 1965 or email: [email protected]How to get help:  You can be referred to the service by health and social care professionals, community organisations or you can contact them directly.